R&D network



R&D network

The Novarex is built with OEM and ODM system.


OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing)

-Refers a manufacturing system to produces as a customer’s needs and is marketed under another company’s brand name

ODM (Original Development and Design Manufacturing)

-Refers to a manufacturing system to provide the whole process of designing, developing, producing, quality controlling, and shipping.



Goal of R&D infrastructure

1) To develop successful dietary supplements and functional foods characterized by efficacy, disease, age group, and strategy for distribution.

2) To establish a foundation for producing best quality dietary supplements and functional foods by collaborating with international health functional food companies, universities, and institutes in S. Korea.

3)To conduct mid/long term research project to manufacture dietary supplements and functional foods by using indigenous S. Korean ingredient

4.) To lead bio industry in S. Korea by collaborating with Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc. USA for life science and biotechnology projects.

5) To accumulate R&D database to evaluate the difference between S. Korean and foreign constitution.





R&D Activities