Manufacturing plant


Manufacturing plant_procedure

1) Our factory is located in an eco-friendly environment where fresh air and strict sanitation is managed in and out of the factory. We have rigorous control of waste water to protect the environment.

2) Our factory specializes in the production of health and functional food. It is equipped with state-of-art manufacturing facilities for the best quality health and functional food.

3) Our factory is operated in the clean room system. All the edges are round off to prevent the collection of dust in the production line. The Central control system uses refrigeration and air conditioning unit to maintain temperature and humidity that hinder the growth of possible microorganisms.

4) Our factory has dust free air flows in the production line to prevent cross-contamination. The clean work area is separated from contaminated areas. All work area is created under GMP standard.

Manufacturing plant_novarex

All products from Novarex have passed following tests

1. Quality control test

  • Materials testing : general laboratory, microbiological and strength tests.
  • Semi-finished products testing : general laboratory and microbiological tests.
  • Final products testing : microbiological, packaging and stability tests.

2. General laboratory tests

  • General composition, hazardous heavy metal, micro composition and ingredient strength tests.

3. General laboratory tests

  • Enterobacterium, E.coli, total microorganism, and pathogenic microorganisms such as Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus and Fungi